Source code for pydantic_example

from pydantic import BaseSettings, Field, validator

[docs]class ExampleSettings(BaseSettings): """Document your project settings very conveniently. Applies like wise to pydantic models. """ field_plain_with_validator: int = 100 """Show standard field with type annotation.""" field_plain = 100 """Show standard field without type annotation.""" field_with_validator_and_alias: str = Field("FooBar", alias="BarFoo", env="BarFoo") """Shows corresponding validator with link/anchor.""" field_with_validator_and_alias_typeless = Field( "FooBar", alias="BarFoo", env="BarFoo" ) """Shows corresponding validator with link/anchor but without type annotation.""" field_with_constraints_and_description: int = Field( default=5, ge=0, le=100, description="Shows constraints within doc string." )
[docs] @validator("field_with_validator_and_alias", "field_plain_with_validator") def check_max_length_ten(cls, v): """Show corresponding field with link/anchor.""" if not len(v) < 10: raise ValueError("No more than 10 characters allowed")
class Config: env_prefix = "foo_" allow_mutation = True
[docs] def method_without_sig(self) -> BaseSettings: return BaseSettings()