A responsive Material Design theme for Sphinx sites.

OpenFF Sphinx theme Quickstart

This theme provides a responsive theme for Sphinx documentation by the Open Force Field Initiative. It is inspired by Material for Sphinx and Material for MkDocs, but has been rewritten with the Bulma CSS framework to remove any JavaScript dependencies.

Getting Started

Install from git

$ pip install git+https://github.com/openforcefield/openff-sphinx-theme.git@main

Or, add to your ReadTheDocs environment.yml

    - pip
    - <conda dependency>
    - <conda dependency>
    - <conda dependency>
    # --- snip --- #
    - pip:
        - git+https://github.com/openforcefield/openff-sphinx-theme.git@main

Update your conf.py with the required changes:

html_theme = "openff_sphinx_theme"
html_sidebars = {"**": ["globaltoc.html", "localtoc.html", "searchbox.html"]}

There are a lot more ways to customize this theme. See Customization or theme.conf for more details.

# Enable the theme itself
html_theme = "openff_sphinx_theme"

# (Optional) Logo in PNG format.
# If not provided, will default to the generic OpenFF logo with text
html_logo = "_static/images/logos/openforcefield_v1_white.png"

# (Optional) favicon.
# If not provided, will default to the generic OpenFF logo
html_favicon = "_static/images/favicon.svg"

# Theme options are theme-specific and customize the look and feel of a
# theme further.
html_theme_options = {
    # Repository integration
    # Set the repo url for the link to appear
    "repo_url": "https://github.com/openforcefield/openff-toolkit",
    # The name of the repo. If must be set if repo_url is set
    "repo_name": "openff-toolkit",
    # Must be one of github, gitlab or bitbucket
    "repo_type": "github",
    # Colour for sidebar captions and other accents. One of
    # openff-blue, openff-toolkit-blue, openff-dataset-yellow,
    # openff-evaluator-orange, aquamarine, lilac, amaranth, grape,
    # violet, pink, pale-green, green, crimson, eggplant, turquoise,
    # or a tuple of three ints in the range [0, 255] corresponding to
    # a position in RGB space.
    "color_accent": "openff-toolkit-blue",
    # Content Minification for deployment
    "html_minify": True,
    "css_minify": True,

# Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names
# to template names.
html_sidebars = {
    # By default, show everything
    "**": ["globaltoc.html", "localtoc.html", "searchbox.html"]

Changes and License